Rdiff-backup restore/delete backups

Rdiff-Backup Restore
rdiff-backup -r now host.net::/remote-dir/file local-dir/file
This command restores host.net::/remote-dir/file as it was 10 days ago into
a new location /tmp/file.
rdiff-backup -r 10D host.net::/remote-dir/file /tmp/file
This commands deletes all information concerning file versions which have
not been current for 2 weeks:
rdiff-backup –remove-older-than 2W host.net::/remote-dir

(rdiff-backup –force –no-eas -v 3 –remove-older-than 24W /home/backup/Servers/Samba)
The 20B below tells rdiff-backup to only preserve information from the last
20 rdiff-backup sessions. (nnB syntax is only available in versions after
rdiff-backup –remove-older-than 20B host.net::/remote-dir

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