Reset password in Active Directory using PowerShell


  • You must have the cmdlets ( part of the ActiveDirectory module for PowerShell v2 )
  • For Windows 7, you need to install the latest RSAT (Remote Server Admin Tools) and then add the Windows Feature for the PowerShell AD Module
  • PS C:\> Import-Module ActiveDirectory
  • $MyPass= ConvertTo-SecureStringStringSummer2014’ –AsPlainTextForce
  • Set-ADAccountPassword -Reset -NewPassword $MyPassIdentity alice.cooper
    Unlock-ADAccountIdentity alice.cooper   ( if the account is locked )
    Set-ADUserIdentity alice.cooperChangePasswordAtLogon $true  (if you want the user to change his pass at 1st log on )

Get-Command -Module ActiveDirectory  !!!   ( see the rest of the available commands  )

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