Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Download this file:  W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4
Right click on Install.cmd, then choose Run as administrator.
There are some switches available:
-? – Show this help
help – Same as -?
multi – Enable multiple sessions per user
blank – Enable remote log on for user accounts that are not password protected

To enable multiple sessions per user go where the the file is located in a command prompt and type Install multi
To enable clipboard sharing you need to restart the rdpclip.exe process.

You can restart it with a batch script if you like:
taskkill /IM rdpclip.exe /F rdpclip.exe

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23 Responses to Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

  1. Bob Binns says:

    The latest Microsoft Windows Automatic update (10/14) seems to have broken this hack. I tried re-installing, no luck. I tried using the updated files from WIndows 7 Pro, no luck.

    Anyone know enough about this to fix it?

  2. Chris says:

    Same problem. RDP stopped working after last automatic update. No solution yet:(

    • dorkman says:

      I had the same problem as well on my lab box. I reinstalled W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4 but it kept locking up midway through the install.

      I found after I uninstalled KB2952664 the W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4 finally was able to finish the install.

      I went through all of the recently installed patches and started to uninstall them one at a time. After uninstalling I would install the W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4 or reboot then install W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4 them attempt to remote into the machine.

      When I finally removed KB2984972 I was able to successfully remote into the machine after installing W7-SP1-RTM-RDP-v4.

      I am going back to install the rest of the updates but KB2984972 to see what happens.

  3. dorkman says:

    Just finished installing all the updates, rebooting after each one. I am still able to connect. I did not install KB2984972.

  4. dorkman says:

    I just looked up the KB on KB2984972. It is an update to Remote Desktop.

  5. bobek says:

    Do a system restore and don’t install these updates:

  6. Chris says:

    You need to uninstall one update: KB2984972.
    After this rdp works again.
    Still waiting for better solution;)

  7. Djidam says:


    Since the win update, i can do concurrents sessions on one pc (with win 7 pro 64).
    I tried uninstalling

    But nothing does the trick, I am still asked when connecting to close the current session on the pc I try connecting to.

    I try rebooting and reinstalling, but I get an error about mapping name and ID. The install ends correctly, except for that message.

    Anyone have an idea ?

  8. ralnavman says:

    Thanks to all for this, I’ve been trawling the net for this problem & you were the only ones that I found. At least I’m working now……will there ever be a fix seeing that Home Premium machines don’t officially support rdp

    • j says:

      At the risk of adding “me, too”, want to say thank you – been pulling my hair out over this for a couple of days. Uninstalling KB2984972 did the trick.

  9. ralnavman says:

    Duh, could the moderator please delete my last comment about 32bit, I see that KB2984972 only applies to 64bit !!!
    But how do you prevent an update from being reloaded as 2984972 was reapplied last night!!

    • admin says:

      Comment deleted!
      If you go into Windows Update and right click on the update you do not want to install, you have the option to Hide the update.
      This should stop it from trying to install again.

  10. ralnavman says:

    Ohh, its happened again! RDP stopped working after last nights automatic update. I don’t see KB2984972 in there so they must have rereleased under a different KB. Anyone else discovered this yet or is it just me??

  11. ralnavman says:

    Yep, found the same, but it seems to only affect where a hack has been deployed the update hasn’t affected my 64 bit professional version

  12. billd59 says:

    I uninstalled KB2984972 on one Windows 7 home premium computer and It worked. I try It on another remote computer and It didn’t work. Do I have to remove more KB files? Do I have to uninstall KB3003743 and KB2984976 and KB2994023 all of them?

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